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Lennar SmartHome Customer router issue

New Contributor

We purchased a  new Lennar townhome in 2020 which included 4 Ruckus repeaters on each level. They are wired to the Ruckus router. We seem to be having issues with consistent connectivity. The Ruckus router is wired to Fios wifi. Aside from resetting the router which we've done several times, is there a fix that you can recommend to resolve this ongoing issue? Also, if we need to hire a technician, are there any recommendations for a qualified company? We live in Laurel, MD. Thank you in advance.



Hi @HansMair

If you have confirmed that connectivity to your ISP (Fios Wi-Fi) is working fine, it could be that your Ruckus ICX7150 Switch is running the wrong code (routing code) causing low connectivity to devices connected to the Unleashed Wi-Fi or wired to the Switch, to check this you must gain access to the Switch either via remote access using SSH or telnet or via the console by connecting your computer directly to the Switch with the USB/Type C cable, let me add the guides for the 2 scenarios.


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