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Lennar Home Ruckus Switch Bad Software

New Contributor
Saw your thread on fixing the switch with a computer, usb c to port cable, downloading a terminal application and entering commands to determine what version is running and trying to make the spr primary. I entered in the code from your comment and got " error. No such file or directory. 

Unable to find ufi image copy from please reload master with appropriate UFI image to proceed with flash flash copy. 

Could you help me with this? 


I tried using the USB drive and console mobaxtrem to access the switch. The command" copy disk0 flash mnz10114.bin bootrom" doesn't work. Invalid input is my response. 

Hi @Jphilbin38 

Could you please share with me the command:
ICX7150-C12 Router#show flash
ICX7150-C12 Router#show version

Kind regards,

Sofia Gätjens