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Internet works on TV and laptop

New Contributor

Our internet router seems to  work on TV and laptops but not phone or Alexa. How do I fix it?



 Hi @jlokey

1:when you mentioned internet router, are you talking about the Unleashed Access Points in your ceiling?

2:When you mentioned the Alexa devices and the phones are not working, you mean that cannot see the SSI (Wi-Fi ID) or they can see it but cannot connect?

3:Now if those devices cannot see the SSID, maybe it required a specific signal, by default the Unleashed SSID will be broadcasted in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and your devices will select what signal will gather, let me add how to check the setting of the Unleashed SSID from your Dashboard, take in consideration that to you be able to gain access to the dashboard you will be to be connected to the Unleashed SSID and search from your URL bar the next site:

Go to WiFi Networks >Edit>Show advanced options>Radio Control>here you can ensure if both are enabled or made the changes.


New Contributor

1.The ceiling device has 5 green lights that are all lit up except the one in the middle.

2.  I can see it but it says "Connected,no internet"

Ok, just to be clear.

1:you can see the SSID but if you connect to the Wi-Fi there is not internet?

2:Yes, the lights must be on except for the air and the control light must be on only for one of the 5 APs

3:the internet connection depends on your ISP router (Xfinity AT&T so on)now, do you have internet connection if you connect directly to the ISP router.(via Wi-Fi or wired)

Let me add a diagram about the Access Points lights and how the connection should go.



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1. Yes , it just says "connected, no internet" on my phone. It also says signal strength excellent. When I bring up Network and Internet on my phone it says Not Connected though. It also says Signal strength Excellent.