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Intermittent Wifi from Ruckus AP device

New Contributor

Good morning, 

I have AT&T gateway supplying a Ruckus switch which then supplies a Ruckus R320 AP. The AP appears to be behaving intermittently. When I connect via phone or on another device the pages freeze then load after 5-10 seconds. I have also performed speed tests comparing the R320 AP to the AT&T gateway and the results vary. I requested a new AT&T gateway which I installed last night and the issue has not been resolved. Please advise next steps in resolving, thank you!


New Contributor

I tried connecting directly to the gateway via ethernet and now I am receiving "Network Error: Connection timed out"

Hello @dreyes1113 

1) How did you identify the IP address of the Switch?

2) What happens if you put the IP address in the URL of the web browser

You can share any screenshot related 

Before uploading the photos please log in to the RUCKUS account and you can upload the image.





Fernando Vasquez

1. To identify the IP address of the switch I used the IP address of the AT&T gateway and located it through the device list. 

2. If I type in the IP address of the switch into my web browser I am prompted with a username and password request

Hello @dreyes1113 

Perfect I believe we are making progress. 

Are you trying to connect using SSH or Telnet through the Putty tool ? 

Please use the following guide as reference :

Fernando Vasquez

Yes - I have tried both SSH and Telnet through the putty tool with no success. I continue receiving connections errors with Telnet, through SSH I am prompted for a password but it will not let me type anything.