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Icx switch believe no power to AP

New Contributor

Went on vacation and came home to find the wifi down. I have two AP's and both had no lights. The switch has been an issue since i bought my house. I went to check the switch next. There was only a green and yellow light on the switch. For an hour or so i struggled to log in via USB. A few days later i logged in and realized the images on both partitions wouldn't load. Another couple days went past, and followed a forum to reload the images/ software. I logged in via USB but could not login with the Ethernet. All ip addresses were correct. I cycled the equipment and when it came back the Ethernet showed it was up. I went into putty and saw the icx7150/boot but then a bunch of computer jargon popped up. Line after line came up and then line by line disappeared. I was unable to type any command in. Then i unplugged the Ethernet and everything was fine. I reset my computer/ bridge and it did it again. Same result is happening everytime the Ethernet is plugged in. It seems like the bridge just died. Ive been really busy and my internet has been down for two weeks going on three. A few months ago the same thing happened. When I logged in via USB it fixed itself as soon as I logged in. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Briancl 

Thank you for reaching out to us. 

From the problem description mentioned what I could understand is in CLI of the switch you see a "ICX7150-boot>" mode . Correct me if I am wrong. 

  • Could you please let me know if you are from Lennar Homes ? 

Also I have mentioned a link below using which you can try to do a software recovery of the switch . Please do refer the below link. 

If you are running into a error please help us with below details and upload picture of below information to portal 

  • Share the picture of error you are running into 
  • Output of "Printenv " to confirm all details are correct including image information 
  • Run "update_primary" to check if the firmware is getting updated . Wait till the process ends and note if you are encountring error again or if the upgrade completes 
  • Please run "Show_image" to display the current image in the flash. 
  • Picture of front panel of the switch 

Please share the above details by uploading the picture to the portal using 






I am a Lennar homebuyer and i will get the information requested to you. I am not able to do a software recovery on the switch. There is some issue with my LAN port. Once it's plugged in and a connection is established in putty it won't let me type. The IP addresses are correct and everything. A bunch of computer jargon pops up and disappears.  The USB console port works good and i can type in commands. As soon as the LAN cable is plugged in i lose the ability to type anything.