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ICX7150-C12 Device Disconnections and management

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

I have an ICX7150-C12 Switch and AP which came with the Lennar home I purchased back in April of 2020.  For about two years there was nothing to complain about but then the power went out for three or four seconds and the headaches began.

At the time things went bad the AP was the sole wireless access point for the house (it's a smaller 3 bedroom home) and all wireless devices showed connected when viewed by either the Unleashed app or using the AP web portal. However, the ICX switch, although connected, would not show in either the app or web portal nor would any devices connected directly to the switch. Communication over the network was very bad with devices being dropped from the constantly from network or blocked from receiving data when connected.

I disconnected the AP and moved wireless access to the AT&T gateway and this solved all the issues for wireless devices. Problems remained with devices connected through the ICX switch. The ICX switch is visible from the AT&T gateway's web portal but none of the devices connected through the switch are visible. Some connected devices, such as my NAS, can communicate over the network but connected devices cannot.  

I disconnected the ICX switch and moved all ethernet connected devices over to a cheap TP Link switch and this seemed to resolve the connectivity (and visibility) issues which leads me to believe the ICX switch was the problem all along.

I'm not sure if this is a hardware, software, or a configuration issue that I might have overlooked.  If anyone has some previous experience with such an issue and has suggestions for remediation I'll be all ears.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.