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ICX Switch Connectivity Issue after Power Outage

New Contributor II


Let me start by saying that I know this question has been asked multiple times and I have read through all of the forums throughly and spent hours trying to rectify this problem with no success.  Please explain this to me as if I am the most tech illiterate person on the planet.  

1.) When I log into the Dashboard this is what I see.  I have inputed what I believe to be the proper IP address, based on the IP Address given in my AT&T Smart Home Manager.  This does not work.  I am stumped as to what else to do.


Screenshot 2023-04-22 at 4.54.01 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-04-22 at 4.48.28 AM.png


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Wmckennaiv

Thank you for reaching out to us . 

Could you please let me know if you are from Lennar Homes ? 

Could you please run through the article below are see if you can console into the switch . 

Once you have access through console you can type the below command 

  • Show run 
  • Show ip 

The above details will help you to see if there is a ip address assigned to the switch 

If you are running into a error or issue when you are taking console to the switch. Please feel free to upload the error message you are seeing or feel free to post about the issue you are running into so that we can help you. 

I hope this helps


New Contributor II

Yes. I am a Lennar Homes customer.  

New Contributor II

I am unable to console in.  I am going from ethernet to USB C.  

New Contributor II

I need specific directions how to console in from a MacBook.  I know the IP address, but none of the Username or Password combinations are working.