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ICX 7150 stuck in boot mode and non responsive

New Contributor


My ICX 7150 switch that came with my Lennar Home is stuck in boot mode after a power outage. I have an iMac computer and have followed the instructions for a reinstalling the drivers and software. When connected to the computer via USB to C cord and ethernet cable it does not even detect my ruckus switch. My unit is completely bricked and unresponsive. Please advise for further steps to resolve issue. Thanks.


I think my replies got lost in the mix. Can I please receive a response??? Thanks. 

I uploaded pictures of the connections. When I connect the Ethernet to one of the 12 ports I don’t get a green light. It does turn green if I hook it up to the port to the left (picture provided). The switch does not show in the system usb settings or terminal app on the computer.