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ICX 7150-c12p ports functioning incorrectly, requesting RMA

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Hi there, I recently moved into a home with a pre-established Ruckus setup (ICX7150 and R510 APs). They were previously functioning with COX internet, but as soon as I swapped over to AT&T I started having issues. This morning I woke up to find my speeds had slowed down to 90mbps when previously they were at 940+. I restarted the switch to see if this would fix the issue, but it made the unit no longer able to grab an IP from the AT&T modem.

After 6 or so hours of attempting various fixes found on this forum, I got the switch to work for a brief amount of time, only to find that the ports were limiting themselves to 10 or 100mbps, and when I attempted to change this the entire system crashed and I have no longer been able to recover it. I attempted updating the firmware, a factory reset, and the other general troubleshooting issues available and just feel it would be best to RMA the unit at this point.



Hi @Mmunoz90 


Greetings of the day,


Please give the detailed description of the issue.


Please let us know the LED status of the switch and the access points using the below guide.

R510 LED lights




Please confirm if the issue is happening while it is connected to access points or when it is connected to ISP router. 

Please follow out the next steps.

1. Connect the computer to the ISP router with the ethernet cable. Run the speed test, and confirm if your speed is stable and search for websites,  make sure you have no issues.

2. You can perform the same step on wireless by connecting the computer to the Wi-Fi / SSID coming from the ISP router. (Note: Not the Wi-Fi coming from the access points.)


Please let us know if you have confirmed that internet issue is stable while you are connecting to the ISP router.


Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

The lights on the switch are normal, the r510 power light is slow flashing, indicating it’s not obtaining an IP address, and this is not a routing code issue, already went through those steps. The ISP router works perfectly fine as I am currently using the dmarc cable plugged in to my own switch and it has none of the same problems. It powers all of the Ethernet access points just fine. 

The wifi from the isp router also works perfectly fine.

To detail the issue again, after power cycling the switch the R510 no longer was able to obtain the ISPs IP address. 

Hi @Mmunoz90 


For detailed understanding of the issue please upload the image/ photo of the RUCKUS switch and access points showing the LED status.


Here is where you can upload the image/photo :


you can also drag it to the chat.


Best regards,


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