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ICX 7150-c12p ports functioning incorrectly, requesting RMA

New Contributor

Hi there, I recently moved into a home with a pre-established Ruckus setup (ICX7150 and R510 APs). They were previously functioning with COX internet, but as soon as I swapped over to AT&T I started having issues. This morning I woke up to find my speeds had slowed down to 90mbps when previously they were at 940+. I restarted the switch to see if this would fix the issue, but it made the unit no longer able to grab an IP from the AT&T modem.

After 6 or so hours of attempting various fixes found on this forum, I got the switch to work for a brief amount of time, only to find that the ports were limiting themselves to 10 or 100mbps, and when I attempted to change this the entire system crashed and I have no longer been able to recover it. I attempted updating the firmware, a factory reset, and the other general troubleshooting issues available and just feel it would be best to RMA the unit at this point.