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How can i get the Configure.Me to come up in my wifi connections so i can set up the unleashed?

New Contributor
I started the unleashed app process and had to stop half way thru and now the Configure.Me wifi network doesn't appear. I already contacted customer service a couple of times and watched the youtube videos and nobody can explain how to fix it. Help please

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Alejandro,

The AP does not broadcast the "Configure-Me" SSID always, it only broadcast it when you are configuring the master AP in the network. Once the configuration is done you will not see the Configure-Me ssid.

Seems like the AP might have taken the config. If you have configured the SSID, do you see that name?
If not, you might have to do a factory reset.

Alternately, you can also connect the Laptop to the Ethernet port of the AP and access it on the IP (DHCP IP or default IP

Contributor III
Hi Alejandro Rial,  

            Are you a new Lennar Smart Home owner? just wanted to see what your current setup is like which AP do you have?

New Contributor II
i am a new lennar home owner have same question after i defaulted it

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Peter,

Sure, let us know the queries, we will try to address it.