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How can i get the Configure.Me to come up in my wifi connections so i can set up the unleashed?

New Contributor
I started the unleashed app process and had to stop half way thru and now the Configure.Me wifi network doesn't appear. I already contacted customer service a couple of times and watched the youtube videos and nobody can explain how to fix it. Help please

New Contributor
Hello, I am having a similar issue. When I try and login to the default IP ( it says this "This object on the ICX7150-C12 Switch is protected."

New Contributor II
I am a new Lennar home owner. They forgot to add the Ruckus switch until today (6/3/20). I do not see the WLAN after they powered up the Ruckus 510 AP, even after several factory resets.

Contributor III
Hmmm, can you see your AP on the network side?

New Contributor II

I personally don't use the "" ssids when administrating new setups. I prefer to reference the IP's of the system directly. My thought here is that you should be able to reference your Router's DHCP table and match up the IP addresses if you get stuck, I would just try https:// IPs you find> until you get a positive hit(I.E
I hope that helps, otherwise, is it broadcasting ANY ssid's?(WLAN)