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H510 no access to web interface

New Contributor

Hello. I bough house where is installed Ruckus H510. on the back of device is web interface page on the,but if try connected there nothing happend.

also I cant see WIFI network with ssd Configure,ME-numbers. but want password for me (this one doesnt work : sp-admin).

please can anyone help me get access.

now internet work only via LAN port on the H510.

Thank you



Hi @Pajinuk 

Once you plug in the AP in your network and if your router/switch has an active DHCP server it will assign a new private IP to the AP and hence it will change from to assigned one. I am doubting your AP has taken another IP and also possibility that it has already been setup by someone ? You will need to first identify the IP that the AP has to get you any further with setting it up.

Best Regards


Hello, yes it is possible. Mate but I dont know who installed herr this AP. It is unofficial solution I think. 

Is this a lennear home ? If Yes, effective 22nd July, Lennar Home users have a dedicated support provided by Wave Technologies. In order to receive technical assistance please contact +1 877-676-8641 to reach Wave Technologies supporting Lennar customers.

Best Regards