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Unleashed R510 won't update

New Contributor III

I have a Lennar smart home with a ICS 7150-c12 switch and a R510 access point. My access point is at firmware and I tried to update it using the instructions in videos. I tried the iPhone Unleashed app and a couple of browser methods on a wireless laptop. In the app case I get an error "Failed to fetch versions." and in the browser cases the updated versions field never populates. I'm pretty sure the firmware is old and I'd like to update it.




Hi Larry - 

I did some digging through release notes, and found you cannot upgrade to 200.9 directly from 200.5 via the method you are trying (Online). There are many reasons this can occur, but it essentially means you'll have to upgrade to something lower first.

I know you mentioned that in the browser you get "Failed to fetch versions", but do you get any type of message in the mobile app? Can you select any versions?

You can perform a local upgrade, but that's going to be a bit more involved...

Larry - I have the instructions for you to perform the local upgrade. It's pretty easy, but you need to create an account first.

I have to run out for an errand real quick - I'll post the rest of the instructions here around 430 MST.


On the IOS app I get "Failed to fetch.." On the browser I get an empty list with the Upgrade button not lit. So I assume I have no way of downgrading the firmware online method. I believe that I do have an account.

From @matt_klouda for you @larry_speth (having some weird issue trying to post his reply):

Once the file is downloaded, open your site in your browser. Navicate to Admin & Services > Administration > Upgrade. Choose the Local Upgrade radio button. Then just click browse to the file you downloaded.
Once it's finished, the APs will reboot. If you have multiple APs, they will all pull the software from your Master AP in the mesh. Expect strange wifi behavior for around an hour as each AP upgrades and reboots.
Let me know if this solves your issue.
Allan T. Grohe Jr.
Knowledge Management Program Director
for RUCKUS Customer Services & Support