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Connected With Warning

New Contributor


I have just fixed an Router/Switch issue on my ICX-7150-C12P, under the guidance of one of your techs. However, upon reviewing the dashboard, I notice that one of the switch ports is showing as 'Connected With Warning'. Do we have a troubleshooting manual that I could use to understand what that means. Maybe have someone describe to me what that warning is indicative of? 

I am not seeing any perceptible functional issues, but I would like to get out in front of this. If it helps, the port displaying the issue is the port being fed directly by a cable coming from my ISP's modem.

Let me know when you can.


New Contributor

Hey smittyva,

I never did. I just left it after realizing it didn't affect my connection/speed/etc. At least not that I am aware of.

New Contributor II

I just noticed that if you hover over the "Connected with Warning" block in Unleashed, it has a pop-up description of "CRC Error Detected".  That leads me to believe it is not a power issue.  Interestingly as I've been troubleshooting, a few more ports are displaying the warning.  I might need to do a reload to see if that helps.