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Changing from Cable ISP to Fiber

New Contributor II
I recently decided to move from Xfinity cable internet to a local fiber provider (MetroNet). the MetroNet installer told me all I needed to do was connect the ethernet cable (that came out of the fiber "converter" box directly to the switch to the port where the previous cable modem/router was plugged in and I would be good to go, with the same wireless network originally installed (I'm in a Lennar home that has 3 r510 APs and an ICX-7150 switch). He said I didn't need a router but have tried several times and I am not getting any wireless signal from the AP's.  I looked in the Ruckus Unleashed app and it says no switches.  I know enough about networking to be dangerous, but I need to know is there a configuration change I need to make in the switch or on the fiber provider side to make this work? Do I need to start from scratch and reset the APs to create a new network? Any and all help greatly appreciated!