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Bought home with existing R510

New Contributor

Recently moved into a home with an existing R510 system installed on the ceiling.  Downloaded the Unleashed app which wants to install the system.  There is no config-me SSID being broadcast.  We installed a cable modem & router which works fine.  

Now what?

All of the tech videos assume that a config-me SSID is available.  This is in a Lennar built home.   From the videos I've seen apparently we have a ICX Switch in the attic?  That doesn't appear to be accessible.  

How do I get into this system.?

We have an electronic door lock & thermostat that should be run through the R510.

Thanks --


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Jeff,

I think your wireless network is already configured, or at least Unleashed setup was done, this is why will not show.

Try connecting a laptop to the same network as APs and see if your laptop gets an IP. If yes, then use any IP scanner AP and find-out APs IP address.

Bdw, do you see any wireless network already broadcasting from these APs?

Syamantak Omer
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I have a new Spectrum cable modem and wireless router.  Not hooked up to the Ruckus AP.  Unit is on the ceiling

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If you can't get admin password (from installer or previous owner0, than you'll need to reset all network anyway... 

You have SSID until you configure the Unleashed network, after that it is gone, as it is completely insecure and must be present only until you configure equipment for proper access. 

So you most probably can find Unleashed IPs, but as you don't know admin password, you will be unable to connect anyway, so need to know password or reset the system.

@eizens_putnins  So I need to do a hard reset of the system.  Holding down the Reset button for 10 seconds?  What does it take to do a reset that has the unit forget all past codes?