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Adding another R710 access point to my R510 Master

New Contributor

I'm obviously a Lennar homeowner that had a R510 installed with the home.  My wireless access point struggles to reach points in the our small backyard and want to add an access point in our covered patio.  I have a R710 access point that was given to me.  Can I use that to extend my wireless SSID to the backyard?



Hi @Gvillamil

Deploying additional Unleashed member APs is simply a matter of connecting them via Ethernet to the same Layer 2 network and providing power. They will discover the Unleashed Master and join automatically. No additional steps are necessary.

To add additional AP you need to get the AP with the same firmware version, also needed to be on the same network.

Please check the firmware version of the unleashed ?

After this step please try to log in to the new unleashed network and make sure both the firmware versions matches  in order to join the unleashed master AP.

Here is the short guide on performing factory reset.

The second AP that joins an Unleashed network will automatically assume the role of Standby Master. Thereafter, if the original Master AP goes offline, the Standby Master will become the Master and assume control of the Unleashed network.

Please make sure that the cables from your local router and ICX-7150-C12P are connected correctly : 

Please follow the below guide for common setup of Lennar home user

Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

Ruckus Unleashed Set-up using your Mobile

Please use the below link for adding additional AP

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