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RUCKUS LTE (CBRS) forum moving to Cloud & Analytics!

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the RUCKUS Community, we have moved the RUCKUS LTE (CBRS) discussion topics over into the new RUCKUS Technologies category and Cloud & Analytics topic within the community forum, at https://forums.ruckuswi...

Turn Down Indoor AP Radio

We have a bunch of T310S and R650 APs in our facility. I am looking for a way to - for a particular AP group - to turn down the radios a bit. We have a ton of spillage, where our WiFi signal can be picked up across the street a ways. Not sure if this...

Cloud Authentication AAA to connect to wifi

Hey all, We are a heavily cloud based organization and would rather not use an on-perm, even as hybrid, for our auth purposes to connect to company wifi.  We have Azure AD and I've been experimenting with spinning up windows serv...

Resolved! Setup 802.1x on WiFi network using Ruckus Cloud

Hi all, I am trying to get 802.1x working on our ICX switches and on our WiFi.  All switches and APs / WiFi networks are managed in Ruckus Cloud. I have configured a test wireless network for Enterprise AAA (802.1x), and have a RADIUS server setup (W...