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Ruckus Cloud Outage - Network Down - APs and Licenses got deleted

New Contributor II
Received alerts this morning at 4am PST all our licenses expired.  Checked online and all our APs got deleted.

Got on the phone with Ruckus and they say its a known outage.

Anyone else still down at this moment?

All our APs got wiped from our cloud portal, end users no longer seeing our SSID brodcast.. we are completely down on wifi

edit: we are in Los Angeles

New Contributor II
we just got fixed- up now in Los Angeles.

the main issue is the WAPs are pointing to, you will likely need an engineer on to ssh into each AP to point it away.

this office location has only 13APs, which is managable.. i cant imagine what can be done with a much higher AP count, if not done manually

New Contributor

Hi all,

We are deeply sorry for this service outage. Ruckus cloud team is working on resolving this issue.

We are being hit by a Flexera licensing outage. 3.6% of cloud managed APs were impacted yesterday. As of this morning,  50% of the APs are back online. Currently, 1.8% of  APs are still impacted. This number includes APs in North America and Europe data centers.

Thank you,

Ruckus Cloud Team


New Contributor

Ruckus Cloud Service Status update:

  • Ruckus Cloud service is mostly restored. 
  • A very small set of customers are being impacted at this time
  • In North America, 21 APs across 11 customers are still impacted
  • In Europe, 30 APs across 12 customers are still impacted
  • Since Flexera licensing service is showing intermittent connectivity, we have taken steps to prevent this from impacting Ruckus Cloud service

Ruckus Cloud team is continuing to work the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience and understanding. 

New Contributor III
Hi Rajiv,

I really appreciate your update, however, the numbers need to be updated.

There are more 38 APs remain completely unavailable since at 7 yesterday morning.

These APs are in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and we connected to the Ruckus Cloud US.

New Contributor
Ouch. Can you email me ( your tenant ID?