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Ruckus Cloud Outage - Network Down - APs and Licenses got deleted

New Contributor II
Received alerts this morning at 4am PST all our licenses expired.  Checked online and all our APs got deleted.

Got on the phone with Ruckus and they say its a known outage.

Anyone else still down at this moment?

All our APs got wiped from our cloud portal, end users no longer seeing our SSID brodcast.. we are completely down on wifi

edit: we are in Los Angeles

New Contributor III
I am also facing the same situation here in Sao Paulo (Brazil)  since 7:00 am BRT (02:00 AM PST).

The case has been opened at Ruckus Support, but there is no estimate of when it will be resolved.

All our APs have been disconnected since 7 am.

New Contributor III
Maybe I have not done a full search, but I found no previous warning / notification that there would be a maintenance on Ruckus Cloud today, either, that the service could be an outage for so long.

New Contributor II
we are still down -- its been about 10-11 hours total now.  have you dialed phone support? any updates

Yes, I talked to a Ruckus Support engineer by phone early in the morning.

He said they are working to reactivate the service as soon as possible, it is an issue with License Server, the case is escalated, but in fact, nothing has changed since the beginning of this outage.

Still down since 7:00 AM BRT (02:00 AM PST) Over 11 hours now.