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Announcement: Ruckus LTE (CBRS) and 3 new APs

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I’m happy to announce that Ruckus Networks, a CommScope company, has entered into a

new technology space. We are offering a Cloud-based management of LTE/CBRS 3.5 GHz APs

as a service, and are introducing the APs and management tools to support it. LTE/CBRS is not

Wi-Fi, though we offer Cloud-based management services for both. Here are some links to

help learn more.


See also:

·        What is CBRS? - LTE in 3.5 GHz Shared Spectrum and What it Means for IoT

·        CBRS - Private LTE Networks For IoT Applications(August 3, 2017)

·        CBRS and the Shift in Spectrum Ownership


We are setting up our systems with 3 new Q-model APs, and you can find Documentation

on Ruckus LTE and iBwave .vexfiles (3rd party application) under SW Downloads. There is a

new Ruckus LTE Forums category, and a Ruckus LTE Mobile App is just around the corner.

Follow the Forum if you want to stay up to date.


Please familiarize yourselves with this new technology, terms and applications, as we look

forward to expanding our product portfolio with Ruckus LTE/CBRS SmartCell access points.


Ruckus LTE (CBRS):


Ruckus CBRS 3.5 GHz LTE access points and associated Cloud-based subscription service:


Ruckus Q710 Indoor LTE AP:


Ruckus Q410 Indoor LTE AP:


Ruckus Q910 Outdoor LTE AP:


Ruckus LTE Private Network Service Data Sheet:


Ruckus LTE AP Release Notes SC 2.3:


Ruckus LTE AP Feature Guide:


Ruckus LTE AP Management Services Release Notes, 2018.03A:


Ruckus LTE SIM ManagementS ervices User Guide:


Ruckus LTE AP Management User Guide, 2018.03A:


Ruckus LTE (CBRS) Forum:


Thanks and best regards

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