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How do I add another R500 to my Cloud setup using meshing?

New Contributor II
Have 2 x unleashed R500's. Using Ruckus Cloud. Have setup both AP's using Ethernet cable. Then remove the 2nd AP, and deploy using power adapter, no Ethernet cable, expecting Meshing to be established to the primary AP.  The 2nd R500 won't join, stays unconnected.
Am I doing something wrong?

Have you enabled mesh at the "edit venue" setting? Click on the venue, and go to the "edit venue" button on the top right. last choice at the bottom will look like below...

After you complete that process, plug both APs back into ethernet so they get the "mesh" settings pushed to them once. This can take 5mins or so. After that, you can unplug any one of them from wired ethernet backhaul, and mesh will work.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c42c135b77e2479a07a6_ba78e55626afaa83b220540145e03e66_RackMultipart201701256157663tq-399e8a26-11fc-436e-9a92-f578f236683c-1996510847.png1485382963

New Contributor II
thanks for the response Phal.

Yip, I enabled the mesh config at original setup.
Checked and the Use Mesh Netw...... is still ticked.

Valued Contributor
well Phal, i use the same setup at home with mesh.
I suggest you to connect the AP back to the wire and reboot it so it gets its configuration and then try again.
If that doesn't work, open a case at


New Contributor II
I've reset the R500, attached it back to the network via cable to get configured. Then tried again for it to attach via meshing. No joy.

Any other ideas before I open a support case?

the Firmware version of both R500's are the same - see attached pics
Image_ images_messages_5f91c42d135b77e2479a1dc1_1abc66ed02e64332c843b458b3d61a89_RackMultipart2017012713561y104-44b010b6-4293-484a-925e-8ebcc52a5acd-2087883021.png1485499382Image_ images_messages_5f91c42d135b77e2479a1dc1_a2410f4e9e4945bc79167e6a7e16977b_RackMultipart2017012795905q9vt-87b0a597-06c4-4b17-9fef-4614c9da3ff5-1473375217.png1485499397