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mac-vlan-permit ports

New Contributor II


I have a Ruckus ICX7150 switch that I'm having issues with.   I'm trying to get 802.1x RADIUS authentication enabled on some ports,.   When trying to remove the port from all vlans I get this message:

SSH@TPAJDSW01-01-IDF1C(config-if-e1000-2/1/30)#vlan-config remove all
Error - Port(s)ethe 2/1/30 are 'mac-vlan-permit' ports
Port(s) ethe 2/1/30 can not be removed from VLANs 1 100

When I look at the configs of vlan 1 or vlan 100,  I don't see the ports mentioned.

There is nothing on the config of the  port itself:

SSH@TPAJDSW01-01-IDF1C(config)#sh ru int e 2/1/30
interface ethernet 2/1/30
inline power power-by-class 3

I can't find anything in the configs pertaining to mac-vlan-permit.   in the configs.   Is there someone who can help  The switch is running SPR08090g firmware.

Thank you!


New Contributor II

Sorry,  I forgot to add, the table-mac-vlan  is not a valid command.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Bob_colon

Thank you for reverting with details. 

From the details shared I suppose you are able to view 8090 in "Show version" output. Correct me if I am wrong. 

And noted table-mac-vlan  coming up as invalid is what I was expecting. 

Could you also help me with below details

  • Have you tried to reboot the switch once from primary and noted if the issue still occurs ? 
  • Are you seeing issue with only port 2/1/30 ?
  • What is the status of port 2/1/3 ? is it "Up" or "Down" ? Is it connected to any end device ? If yes what is the device it is connected to. 

During downtime follow the below steps and see if it helps resolve the issue

  • Connect to switch using console 
  • Run "write memory"
  • Run "skip"
  • Take backup of configuration by running "show run"
  • And reboot the switch using "Device# boot system flash primary  "

Once the switch boots up check if that helps to resolve the issue you are seeing. 

You could also feel free to log a case with us to work further on the issue using below link.