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The RUCKUS ICX® Campus Switch family delivers a complete, scalable, and high-performance routing and switching solution that supports today’s demanding network applications.
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Resolved! ver 08.0.70aT213 for ICX 7450 campus switches

Hi All, I'm having a difficult time locating this specific firmware rev that we're using in our environment: (ver 08.0.70aT213)  We have some legacy deployments that use ICX 7450 switches where we wish to use this firmware until we are ready to rol...

Resolved! Optical monitoring not possible on ports with link down?

Am I missing something or the optical monitoring only works when the link is up? I am trying to troubleshoot some fiber connections which were unreliable / not coming up and when I use the `show optical-monitor x/y/z` command, I get nothing. Just com...


Hi, everybody, i have a question about the RUCKUS ICX Stack.i have a new Stack with two switches and the sw show me three switches. The ID 3 ist show as a member and it is reserved. How can i delete this ID3

ICX 6450 VLAN Help

Hey all, My network currently consists of a pfsense firewall, ubiquiti 8 port switch, and an R610 AP. I've been slowly moving away from ubiquiti products and picked up an icx 6450-48p switch to replace what I have. The issue I've been having, and it...

Problem with ICX6610 SSH connexion

Hello, I have a ICX6610 configured with SSH.  Everything works fine since last week.  Unable to connect with our account via Tacacs+ server.   Only the local account works.  All my others switches are OK and works fine.  So it's not the tacacs server...

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