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Ruckus ICX switches always in connecting status

New Contributor

Ruckus ICX switches says "connecting" always. Tried removing the switches and adding them with IP address. But still the same issue and its not getting connected.Also, switch approval is set to automatic. Still doesn't work



Hey @balajigk97 

Can you give some more detail? Where exactly are you seeing this connecting status?


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

Hi @BenBeck ,

To start with, I can say I am trying to now upgrade the firmware for ICX7150 C12 and have also downloaded the firmware. But without being on the same network I cannot upgrade and that network is not working. DO, I have a workaround for it? 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Balajigk97

Thank you for reaching us. 

To upgrade the switch you would need to have reachability to the switch. Better if the device you use to upgrade the switch from is in the customer site as remotely doing may take a lot of time based on file size. 

Also it is recommended that better if someone is on site during upgrade to avoid any problems.

You can use one of the below two methods  to upgrade the switches:

Upgrade using TFTP:

Upgrade using USB drive:

I hope this helps