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ICX 6450 DHCP not authoritative and not giving out IP addresses to some devices

New Contributor

This is exactly what I am experiencing:

Here's the relevant running-config of my 6450, nothing fancy:

So why would an enterprise switch be having this kind of no-brainer issue? When I plug in a windows device to the same port, I get an IP. When I plug the same nvr to another network (on a completey different house) with a pfsense DHCP server, it gets an IP just fine. So the problem is really the combination of the DHCP in this 6450 switch and the nvr.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Kevin

Thank you for reaching us.

From the details mentioned above it a little confusing to understand the issue you are facing. 

I suppose as per the details shared the switch itself is the DHCP server when we try to note on the configuration as per the 2nd link where the switch has its own DHCP pool. Correct me if its a different external DHCP server. 

  • Could you help me with the firmware you are running on the switch and if its a router or a switch code ?

From the details mentioned looks like both windows server and NVR machine are able to grab the IP address. So it was a little difficult to understand the problem. 

Were you trying to mention that when you connect a windows machine and a NVR machine in different network it works fine but in same network there is a problem or were you trying to mention that when you connect a windows machine it is able to grab a IP address but when you use a NVR machine it is unable to grab a IP address in same network. 

Please refer the below links and make sure your configuration is similar to them if the DHCP server used is external DHCP server


For a ve interface config would be similar to one mentioned below

  • Device(config)# interface ve 1
  • Device(config-vlan-1)# ip helper-address <ip address of DHCP server>

Please refer the below links and make sure your configuration is similar to them  if switch itself is a DHCP server. 

Links :

YouTube video:

Also test if either the windows server is able to grab a IP address you can try to test your NVR machine pugged into same port on which windows server was grabbing an IP and see if both devices when inserted one at a time are able to grab IP address or if there is any problem noticed. 

If issue looks to be specific to end device.

You can try to use the below debug commands and check if the end device is at least initiating a Discover process. 

  • debug dhcp-client alarms
  • debug dhcp-client events
  • debug dhcp-client warnings
  • debug dhcp-server alarms
  • debug dhcp-server events
  • debug dhcp-server warnings

You can choose you debug destination using below options based on how you are accessing the switch

ICX7150-48PF Router#debug destination ?
all Send debug message to all destinations
console Send debug message to console
logging Default
ssh Send debug message to SSH session
telnet Send debug message to telnet session

Since this switch is a 6450 model I suppose the latest version on this model that is available is 8030u. So check if you can see the above options. 

I hope this helps you







Hi. So let me clarify some things for you:

1. Yes, I was trying to use the DHCP server on the switch as shown by the DHCP pool configs in show run. 

2. FW 8030u router mode

3. The windows client (not server) was able to get an IP. The NVR and other cameras with the same HikVision brand were NOT able to get an IP even if it says in the bindings in the L3 switch CLI that they did. These two tests are using the same exact switch port in this Brocade switch. 

4. The NVR, when connected to another house where pfsense is the DHCP server and with non-Brocade switches, has no issues in obtaining an IP there.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Kevin 

Ack and Thanks for sharing the details. So looks like as per point "3" what I could understand is that IP address is getting leased out and shows in the DHCP binding details but the NVR device does not seem to grab a IP. 

Could you please share the below output make sure the mac entry is of NVR device

  • show mac-address | inc < mac-address of the NVR device in format HHHH.HHHH.HHHH>
  • show int br | inc <port number where NVR device is connected on the switch>
  • show arp | inc < mac-address of the NVR device in format HHHH.HHHH.HHHH>
  • show lldp neighbors
  • show statistics ethernet <port number where NVR device is connected on the switch>
  • show interfaces ethernet <port number where NVR device is connected on the switch>

Using the commands check if there are data traffic going out and coming into the switch or is the port down ? 

Also does the NVR device use PoE from the 6450 switch or is it external PoE power supplied to power the NVR device ? 

If any concerns you can also feel free to log a case with us using the below link



That is correct. The IP is getting leased out by the switch but is never grabbed by the NVR device. All my isolation steps point to being the switch as the problem. Disabling the DHCP server in the switch and connecting another DHCP server (opnsense, pfsense, etc.) to the same vlan subnet on the same system fixes the issue. For troubleshooting purposes, here are the results of the commands you mentioned in your last post:

The NVR device is not PoE and has an external power supply to it. What is our next step?