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ICX 7250/7150. Broadcast limit doesn't work.

New Contributor III
Hi team!
I test broadcast/multicast/unknown-unicast limits on ICX7250 and ICX7150 (hw ver. 8.0.9).
I've configured ports as:
    interface ethernet 1/1/1
     spanning-tree 802-1w admin-edge-port
     broadcast limit 96 kbps
     multicast limit 400 kbps
     unknown-unicast limit 96 kbps
But, nothing happens! I genarate broadcast traffic, but port works normally in this moment.
Can anyone come across this problem?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Nik kul,

Is this a standalone, stack or SPX environment ? BUM rate limiting is not supported on PE ports in an SPX environment but do support on CB ports.

Do u see the configured values under show rate-limit broadcast/multicast/unknown-unicast output ? 

Hi Jijo,

I tested on stack of two ICX7250 and standalone ICX7150.
What's mean PE and CB ports?

Output from console:
   7250#show rate-limit broadcast 
   Broadcast Limit Settings:
   Port               Limit   Packets/Kbps
   1/1/1                 96           Kbps
   1/1/2                 96           Kbps
   1/1/3                 96           Kbps
   2/1/1                 96           Kbps
   2/1/2                 96           Kbps

Hi Nik Kul,

Thanks , PE and CB are terminologies in campus fabric, reference link below.

It seems the config is applied correctly, would you be able to open a tac case for debugging your environment ? There are some shell commands to check if the HW registers are correctly set and need remote access.

Unfortunately, I can't open tac case.
This equipment was got from provider for testing by short period. It doesn't have support licenses.