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ICX 7150 Switch Not connected and intermittent restart on switch + access points

New Contributor II

I scoured these forums after learning that there was no longer email/phone support for Lennar Ruckus customers. 

After doing some learning, below is the steps I've taken to try to address the issue.

As I was on SPS08080d.bin, I followed the guide to update to SPS08080f.bin and subsequently the latest version SPS08095kufi.bin.

I also enabled the web portal so I could log in there for additional options to access.

There wasn't any sort of power outage recently

Issue: I still see the switch as disconnected when connecting to Unleashed / main access point.


upgrade guide -


putty guide


set up web portal access

reset super user password

  • need access to switch

  • need USB to USB C connection

  • need putty on Serial

    • find the correct COM# by going into device manager and plugging in device

    • cycle through the options on the switch to USB

  • power cycle the switch and when it says 'press b to interrupt boot' - press 'b'

    • when the prompt comes up, enter 'no password'

    • then boot via 'boot'

To set super user password

  • once connected in putty in Telnet / SSH / Serial

    • enable super user by typing 'enable'

    • configure terminal 'conf t'

    • 'enable super-user-password [ password ]'

    • 'write memory' to save


New Contributor II

I performed a factory reset following this guide and the switch automatically connected

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Mangotree

Ack and Noted. Thank you for posting the steps that you tried from your end to fix the issue. Your inputs in regards to resolving the problem will certainly help a user who is in same situation. 

Thanks again for the helpful inputs. 

New Contributor II

My intermittent switch / AP restarts have also stopped. The good ol restart (after firmware upgrade) did the trick