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AAA authentication

New Contributor III
Can't login using AAA radius to a ICX 7450-24. It displays the error when enter credentials and press return/enter : access denied by radius server. What should I set on radius server to get the AAA authentication working please

New Contributor II
Do you have the Vendor specific information entered to the RADIUS server?

Check this out:

Yes I've followed that topic to enter Vendor specific to Radius Server. But I don't know why it rejects the request access. 

Do you have information about how to configure NPS server ( Connection request access policy and network policy) on windows 2019? Thanks

the NPS server should be as follows: 
create policy for IPv4 address pool (I have found that it works best to create 1 policy per subnet)
create policy for windows accounts to have access(we create a network admin group and give vendor specific attributes as follows: 
Vendor code 1991, yes to permit attribute 1, decimal, 0. 
Next vendor code 1991, yes, 2, whois* 1. 
Next vedor code 1991, yes, 3, decimal, 0

check all encryption types.

Harder to explain, much easier to show....
try this video:

Contributor III
What RADIUS server do you have?  I only ask because the instructions to configure it are different.