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RUCKUS Mobile Apps and SPoT: SWIPE, SpeedFlex, and mobile apps for Wi-Fi network control
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LACP Ruckus and Pfsense

Dear All, i hope someone can help me or point me to the right direction. i've been fighting with this for over 4 weeks and cannot seems to get it set up. we have bought 2 Ruckus switches ICX7250-48 48-port stacked. everything is working fine, only th...

SPoT dead or alive?

Hi, I'm about to offer SPoT product/services to one of our client who needs positioning services, but... On premise vSPoT latest version is updated on 2018-11-06. Cloud hosted SPoT latest version is 4.7 update on 2018-12-04. Only user guide for this ...

Contact tracing via SPoT?

Is it possible to do in the building contact tracing using SPoT and Wi-Fi AP? We are trying to track which adults go into which classrooms in case of need of quarantine?