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Ruckus hacked or domain expired? Invite for Remote Management contains link to strange domain!

New Contributor III

When I send an invitation thru the Ruckus Unleashed App (Android), the links the App sends starts like this:[redacted]

It looks to me like the invitations created points to a site no longer under Ruckus control.

Have you been hacked or just allowed a domain to expire, letting someone else take over?

That site could register all clicks on links in invitations, including the GUID that should be a secret!

Looks to me like a MAJOR security issue. Will you look into it?


New Contributor III
Screendump from site the invitation mail links to:
Image_ images_messages_601849d95f25f97dd176355e_b92927a868cef6618b7aa1560255a33c_Ruckussecurity-5fa84a39-003b-4731-87a1-0aab479ff760-768575644.jpg

New Contributor III

Hi Robert. We are aware of this issue and fixing it.

Thank you for the update.

Should we worry about the invitations we have already sent?

If the domain is not under your control, every request could have been logged.

Hi Robert, the invites by themselves do not expose any information. The app knows how to get the required information from it.

By the way with this invite on Android you will see a prompt to either open it on the browser or the Unleashed mobile app. When the user selects Mobile App, the Mobile App opens and gets access to this link. In this case this link is not hit at all.