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Is it possible to have unique guestportal Web?

New Contributor

Now, I have not master in my Unleashed WIFI, for example is the Web to generate guest pass, but if this AP is out of order or broken another AP Will be the master and que IP URL Will change to

Is there any option like in Zonedirector?


New Contributor II

Hello Juan,

Depending on the release of the unleashed network , there is an option. You can add a management IP address, see below screenshot. This IP address will "follow" the master AP, and will stay the same. It might take a while before the new master reacts, but it will react

Image_ images_messages_602d43b7d396ba4ad498c26c_7b2c6d6db3e3888ef71915b8071d5fe7_Unleashed-be9c355e-09ec-402a-b22b-f1fd80d6daeb-1193723338.JPG