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SPoT dead or alive?

New Contributor III


I'm about to offer SPoT product/services to one of our client who needs positioning services, but...

On premise vSPoT latest version is updated on 2018-11-06.

Cloud hosted SPoT latest version is 4.7 update on 2018-12-04. Only user guide for this version is updated on 2019-07-09.

Is this abandoned product? SPoT products are still present in the price list but I don't want to go with something that was not developed anymore.



New Contributor III

I have not seen any development on this product, this information is also from Ruckus representative. The system does not support mac randomizing issue nor GDPR in EU. The mobile device random mac is quite complicated mathematical issue to solve and can be done with high propability. Because of no active development, support is not very skillful either, I know spot quite well because of some past installations ,I have hacked into the docker image inside appliance and got at least log files visible for me.  We preferre Ruckus suggested alternative product Bumbee labs, we are distributor of this software and it work fluantly as Ruckus location based server, this means you just define in your Smartzone BumbeeLabs server IP as standard location base server.