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vSZ 6.1.1 and older access points (r500 & t301)

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Hi to all.

I am reading in release notes that its possible to adopt older models like R500 & T300/301 by putting them in a different zone which uses older AP version.. But how can i create such a zone? Whenever i try to create a new one the firmware version is not an option... it just shows the latest one. These old APs still run on a ZD3050 Newer model R710 was succesfully migrated into the new version of sVZ.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @gsfakian,


After applying patch, Have you created the zone with 5.2.2. on the VSZ.

R500 and T301s is supported on version 5.2.2.x.x.

If you are able to view the AP are connected to the VSZ by using "get scg" but still the AP are not able to view on the SmartZone.

You could use provision tag method to fall the AP to right zone.

Please go through below link for the configuration

Please let us know if you have any additional queries, We are happy to assist you.


Sunil Acharya

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Hi @gsfakian 

The APs when joining would go to the default zone before they are moved into any other zone. The default zone might be on 6.x code which will not support your r500 model APs hence I woudl suggest to create an AP registration rule to move all R500 APs to a specific zone (5.2.2) when provisioning.

AP Registration rules can be created under System > AP Settings > AP Registration. Select the model and choose the group (5.x group) where the AP should be moved to.

Best Regards


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Thank you very much!.. This solved the problem!..

I am still wondering if also the ZD migration procedure could succeed in a similar way... Every old AP that starts migration fails... and as i can see i believe this happens because vSZ tries to flash them the newest FW and not ..  here is fw show from an AP:

rkscli: fw show
current primary boot image is Image1
Auto F/W upgrade = disabled
Running on image = OTHER
FW Control Control File = wsg/firmware/R500_6.
Control File Server =
Protocol = HTTPS
Port = 443
Boot Flags (Main,Backup,Factory,Reset) = M. .. [MB FR]


So as they are a dozen of them i wonder if i have to flash & provision them one by one to be able to join sVZ... 🙂