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Can the Wifi 6 AP compatible with Wifi 5 ? (Ruckus r750 ---Ruckus r500)

New Contributor

Hi all,

I am now using normal web page to control our Ruckus Unleashed AP with no any watchdog or central management device.

R500, R510 ,R710  purchase and expand the network at different times.

(A) All my AP wired the network cable to same switch,  Should I need e

(B)  If I purchase R750 (AX) Wifi-6 to replace my R500 .

       Any problem appear to when I add R750 (AX) Wifi-6  into my exiting WIFI-5 (AC)network?

      Can I still control all AP in one portal webpage?

Thx all.

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Valued Contributor

Hi Darren,

You shouldn't enable Mesh unless you need the Mesh functionality. This is where you connect APs to the network wirelessly, rather than by an Ethernet cable back to a switch that is connected to the main network.

There are no issues mixing Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 access points.  Wi-Fi 6 is backward compatible with all previous Wi-Fi standards. Unleashed can manage Wi-Fi 5 and 6 Access Points on the same system. Just as you're currently managing 802.11ac Wave 1 (R500) and Wave 2 (R710) on the same system today.

However you will need to upgrade your Unleashed network to a newer version to support the R750 APs models.  Unleashed version 200.8 is the first release to support R750 and unfortunately this does not support R500. So you will need to replace all the legacy R500 APs with a newer model.

I hope that helps.


Hi @darren_lee 

Adding to Darrel's comment, one other suggestion is to keep the higher model such as Wifi6 AP as leader instead of Wifi 5 AP.

This has the advantage of handling the load.


Sanjay Kumar 

Internal Employee

Hi Darren,

Mesh will be lower bandwidth than Wired. If you have wired cable connectivity, its the better option to go for.

To verify if all your models are supported, its better to check the release notes. Alternatively, you can also use this tool

Enter all your AP models and it will suggest the version it is supported.


New Contributor

Got it. Thank you darrel , sanjay  ,karthik!!!