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Wi-Fi connection randomly disconnects on 2013 MacBook Pro.

New Contributor II

We've been using Ruckus 7341 and 7363. My question is : Wi-Fi connection randomly disconnects on 2013 MacBook Pro. All up-to-date is installed on Mountain Lion 10.8.5. What might be the problem? is there any incompatibility between MacBook pro and AP?


Contributor III
Disconnects for what period of time?
There are a few people who have had problems w/ macbook air's.
(less often I think w/ macbook pro's)

In general, people seem to think these problems can be resolved w/ enough tweaking to the controller configs, but I haven't figured out what the magic incantation is that makes things work.
I'd open a case w/ Ruckus.
Try to only make one change at a time, and make notes re: what changes caused what improvements.

I had issues w/ macbook air's roaming frequently between APs, and also brief (but sometime frequent) periods of connectivity loss.
Things seem to be better now.

What firmware version are you running on the AP's? Are these stand alone AP's, or with a ZoneDirector?
How many clients are connected when it disconnects?

New Contributor II
@Bill Burns : Disconnect frequently as period of time. So what do you recommended?

@Jelle Alten : Installed latest firmware for 7341 and 7363. These are stand alone APs.
How many clients are connected when it disconnects? no exact number BTW connected 5 MacBook pro at the same time. all of them have same issue

I'm asking again , Any issue reported regarding incompatibility between MAC OS 10.8.5 and Ruckus ? Because I've reviewed (GA) Release Notes.
it says :The following client operating systems have been tested for compatibility with this release:
Mac OS 10.6.8 , Mac OS 10.8.4 , Mac OS 10.9

I *think* your problem is related to the model of your clients. (not OS)
Do you have support?
Open a case w/ Ruckus.