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FW versions between AP and ZD

New Contributor II
Just updating our hugely out of date ZD1006 and the attached AP's, do the AP's have to be running the same FW versions or doe sit not matter which FW the two devices run, ie ZD on and the AP's on 9.7.x?

Contributor III
When an AP associates w/ a controller, it gets it's firmware from the controller.
When the firmware is updated on the controller, the APs go though a "double reboot" process.
After the first reboot, a new firmware version is downloaded to the AP.
After the second reboot, the AP is running the new firmware version.

This may result in a little more downtime than anticipated.

Valued Contributor
@Tristen The AP will get auto downgraded to 9.3.4 FW when it gets picked up by the ZD.

Valued Contributor II
And so a caution with the ZD1000 - it's unable to run anything newer. Some of our newer AP's (7982, 7055, 7352) require 9.4 or higher. So if you have a ZD1000 (which is EOL) you may not be able to use our newer access points at all. Luckily, many of our resellers offer trade-in programs that are pretty reasonable.

New Contributor II
Ok thats cool then, I'll upgrade the ZD which in turn, if required will update the AP's..

As for it being EOL, yeah I noticed that, kits been in for a while and since way before I started, need to reconfigure it though so figured perhaps a new FW might be in order just as a bit of house keeping, its well overspecced for what we need but I'm going to see if it'll do some stuff to help reconfigure the Wifi, I want 2 networks, one for normal internal access and one for guest/byod net access using its own IP range, guessing DHCP from the DC and vlans on the wifi rather than DC for one and ZD-DHCP for the other..
Should probably start a new thread for that though lol