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Some of the R700 event logs are not visible.

New Contributor III

Hello everyone. 
I would like to know if anyone knows anything about this.

I am currently managing a zone with an R700 registered to vSZ-H.
I recently updated the controller firmware as follows. ->

At that time, the R700 with AP firmware no longer kept event logs regarding client connections.
I then updated the AP firmware on the R700 to, but this did not improve the situation.

I can see logs such as AP config updates and reboots.

I can connect to the AP and control it from the controller, so there is no urgent need to take action, but it is inconvenient as it is.

Any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks again.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Hiro 
So post upgrading from ->, you are not seeing the events for client connection and disconnection?
If yes, this is not an usual behavior since there is no changes with regards to the Event logs parameters.

Under Events & Alarms >> Events >> Events Tab >> I hope there is no "Filter ON" is selected>>

Under Events & Alarms >> Events >> Events Management >> Events >> Search for key word "client" and make sure "DB Persistence" is selected,
Can you share the screen show of this.




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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Hiro,

R700 support till version.

If you have ever controller upgrade to 5.1.2 then you could create a zone with 5.1.2 version and move few R700 AP's and check behavior.

Please perform re-indexing and check if it makes any difference.

LAB1# debug

LAB1(debug)# reindex-elasticsearch-all
Start to reindex ElasticSearch, may need few minutes...
Successful operation


Sunil Acharya

New Contributor III

Hi Sunil, thanks for the tip.

Before updating the firmware, the version of the R700 was
The zone was left in place, so I moved the R700 and ran reindex-elasticsearch-all, but unfortunately the situation does not seem to have improved.

If there is another way, please let me know.
Best regards.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Hiro 
Just curious, are you having this issue only on certain zones are on all the zones?
Was it working fine before upgrading from

New Contributor III

Hi Sanjay

You are correct.

As of, all event logs were visible from the controller.
The AP firmware at that time was and we have not updated it until now.