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Slow Connections with Broadcom Wireless 802.11ac Chips


we are using several TP-LINK Archer T6E AC1300 Dual Band PCIe Cards with a Broadcom Wireless 802.11ac chip.They should have a maximum throughput of 867MBit/s-5GHz, 400MBit/s-2,4GHz, 802.11ac/a/b/g/n 

Windows 10 64-Bit only shows a connection type of 802.11n and the maximum connection speed in most times is only 78Mbit/s only sometimes 130Mbit/s.

We tried different drivers and settings on the card, but its always the same.

Client connected to a R500 AP (RAP Mode)
AP Firmware
RSSI -75dBm
SNR 24 db
Radio Type b/g/n

Hidden SSID (OPEN / AES)
Fast Roaming enabled

Maybe someone has a hint for us why the client is not connection in ac-mode with faster speed?


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that can have numerous reasons. It is not only the specs of the adapter or AP. IT is also the enviroment that can cause the lower data rates than what you expect. SImpel example is when your clients are further away from your ap the data rate will also drop to a lower phy rate. So i would suggest to do a spectrum analyse to see if everything is fine.


it is the RF maths 😉

Radio Type b/g/n means your client is connected in 2,4Gh Band. Remember the 802.11ac has 5GHz band only.
RSSI -75dBm and SNR 24 dB means your Wi-Fi signal is very poor for the fastest MSC.

- switch off 2,4G or increase the power of the 5G transceiver at the AP
- increase a channel width up to 80 MHz
and you see your 867 if measure close to AP 🙂
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thanks guys for your help and information.

of course i know what radio types means and that ac is on 5ghz band only.

in the mean time i found out there is also an issue with win10 and tp-link / broadcom cards. where 5ghz band is not found and able to connect with. i am also not able to set the card to 5ghz only.

other clients in the same area (phones, other notebooks, tabletts) have no issue in this area.