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Free City Public Wireless Network Design

Contributor III

i have a Customer who plans to offer a Wireless Network for local communities and little Cities.
Till now i only have experience with ZoneDirector and Unleashed Setups.

So the first questions i asked myself was, what kind of Controller is scalable for this kind of project. Maybe two vSZ running as VM in two different Datacenters and replicating each other?

The Second question i asked myself was, what my APs need to are able to connect to the vSZ in my Datacenter?
I think i need an Internet Connection with a Router and lay Cables from there directly to my Outdoor APs at Buildings or Poles. Over this Internet Connection i think APs can establish a secure Tunnel to my vSZ in my Datacenter, right? Basicly i create a little Network consisting of a Internet Connection, a Router (working as DNS and DHCP) and some APs. In bigger local communities there will be the need of more such kind of "Little Networks".

I case of a hard to wire Location i will use Meshing. But mostly i try to get my APs connected to the Router over Cable.

I saw some Videos from Ruckus creating Wireless Infrastructures for "Smart Cities". So basicly i think Ruckus has all what i need.

Am I on the right path?
Any other important thoughts for such kind of project?

Kind Regards

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We recommend discussing design questions with your local VAR or Ruckus Systems Engineer to get the right combination of equipment and coverage.

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