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Restart loop after firmware downgrade

New Contributor

Hi all

I recently bought a R710 running unleashed. Initially everything was working. However I was experiencing bad throughput and read somewhere on here that I could try to install an older firmware. So I installed/downgraded to on it.

But now the device seems stuck in some loop like so:

1. Red light for a while

2. Green light blinks

3. Constant green light

At this point I can reach the device and see the message "Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes.". But after a short (3-5 seconds) while it seems like the device reboots and goes back to step 1, at which point it can no longer be reached, then step 2 and so on.

Any idea on what I can do? I have tried factory resets with no luck.



New Contributor

It also seems like the factory reset process is interrupted by the reboot.


Hello Emil,

Looks like a downgrade has corrupted the AP completely.

If at all you have SSH access to the AP (even for a short duration):-

You can try upgrading the AP firmware and reflash the firmware through CLI (you have to be quick as the AP is rebooting continuously):

Note: You either need TFTP/FTP server installed on the lapmargin: 0;">



fw set host <FTP_SERVER_IP>
fw set proto ftp
fw set user test
fw set password test@123
fw set control R710_200.
fw update


fw set host <TFTP server IP address> 
fw set proto tftp
fw set port 69
fw set control R710_200.
fw update 

If you cannot SSH to the AP at all, then it's gone faulty and need replacement.

Sarita Shekhar | Senior Technical Support Engineer,


Hi @emil_k ,

If you are not able to recover AP with factory reset, you may open a case with support and request for replacement.

I hope you are following the factory reset procedure correctly (pushing and holing reset button for at least 12 seconds).

Syamantak Omer | Community moderator | Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI | Follow me at

New Contributor

Hi Sarita an Syamantak

I am performing the factory reset exactly as described. But unfortunately it seems like the process is interrupted by the continuous restarts.

Just as expected I am able to access the AP for about 5 seconds after it has booted (ssh, web etc.) and before it reboots again. However thats nowhere near enough time to complete a firmware upgrade.

I am the second owner of the unit and thus per it seems I have no other options. Is that correct?