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R510 5ghz abysmal

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Perhaps some kind soul can clarify something for me. I have two R510s covering roughly 3000 sqft. 2.4ghz coverage seems reasonable. I was under the impression that the Unleashed mesh would handle roaming and essentially be an Eero/Velop equivalent. However, it seems it is really just unified management and smart shifting of the controller role should an AP fail. Is this correct? Assuming yes, it seems I need to get armpit deep in site surveys and radio tuning like the old days to get this to work well which is a shame as I was hoping for plug and go. Any thoughts or relevant docs on the subject?

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Bubbagump,

As per the problem description and my understanding, you are facing coverage issue and Unleashed AP not forming mesh automatically. Correct me if I am wrong.

Unleashed is not just an unified AP management platform but it support all the standard features just as a dedicated controller managed wireless network.

Checkout some online details about Unleashed platform.

Few points to consider for optimum performance and roaming:

  • Deploying AP without site survey is not recommended, as just placing APs anywhere may result poor coverage, dead spots in the deployed area.
  • Number of APs for good coverage and best performance depends upon the building type, material used in the building, obstacles inside the building, etc.
  • Performance also depends upon multiple factors like near by rogue Wireless devices, free air noise and other radio interference, etc.
  • Basically if you have your first R510 installed at a location point-A, then you have to make sure other R510 is installed withing the coverage of R510 with good signal strength, else mesh AP will provide poor speed and may also get disconnected from root AP.
  • If both APs are installed within proper distance where mesh AP can reach root AP, then roaming between them will also seamless.
Some more details about latest Unleashed 200.7 firmware features:

User guide:

If above do not helps, please provide more details about your exact problem and also confirm what firmware version is running on Unleashed.

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Where are you installing the waps? What kind of physical obstructions/attenuation are you dealing with? Unleashed aside, you might need to reposition and/or add waps to get better coverage. Site survey recommended or at least find someone with the proper software that can do a proper design

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Using two R510s (or any other AP for that matter) to cover that square footage of a house seems unlikely to succeed. All APs are government limited in their maximum transmission power and 5GHz is easily attenuated by walls and floors.

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        Are you using unleashed firmware 200.7.10.x firmware?
and what devices are you using?....there is an known issue on 200.7.10.x  where iOS devices and few other devices where the WiFi is extremely slow for downloads and extremely fast uploads on the 5ghz.... try downgrading to 200.6.10.x and see if that helps you with your situation. 
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