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Second Ethernet Port on R720 Unleashed for Ethernet to Switch Possible?

New Contributor III
Is it possible to set up Router>R720 2.5g Input>Switch on 1g ethernet output on the Ruckus Unleashed firmware? I'm trying to run from the output to a switch so that I can change out some switches in the future without disrupting the wifi.

In the future, I might want to use that ethernet port too for a PC.

Is this possible or do I need to go on the regular firmware?

Valued Contributor
Hi Taylor,

I can confrm that the two ports on the R720 are bridged (in hardware) so it is possible to daisy-chain devices using the R720 to connect on both ports.

Please note that only the 2.5Gbps port can be used for PoE power to the unit, so this may scupper your plans for uninterrupted service unless you plan to power the AP using DC power.

Please note the R720 is PoE power hungry and in order to enable the 2nd Ethernet port, the AP requires at least 33.5W PoE power (802.3bt PoH).

I hope that helps,