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Poor signal to 1/3 of devices

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Hi.  I’m new to Ruckus and don’t know to much.  I have 3 R550’s running Unleashed in a 3500sq foot home.  I setup Unleashed as Mesh, not sure if that was a mistake.  All 3 R550’s are hardwired to the router.  About 1/3 of my devices show a poor signal all the time.  Most are Apple devices that never seem to be connected to the closest access point.  I’m trying to determine if adding a controller would help at all.  I’m read that a controller would add Fast Roaming 802.11r that apple devices support.  Thank you for any help!


Very useful thread - thanks! I can second many of the observations in my install where r510 where replaced with r550s. One r510 was damaged and refresh was decided. Post install, intermittent connectivity issues and attempts to find a way back to expected and previous wi-fi experience has (so far) only improved not resolved issues. One remaining (potential) factor could be 2.4GHz overlap, will give that a try as well!

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when you say low signal strength, what actually is it reading? Apple clients hang onto signals until RSSI exceeds -70 dBm so this may be resolved by tuning your APs 2.4 and 5ghz transmit powers appropriately. The desire to migrate is primarily driven by the client so adding a controller probably wouldn't help in this case. 
You can use something like netspot to do a quick home site survey to get a better idea of how your multiple APs are working together to optimize signal levels to promote migration. 

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I believe you do need to reset the system if you wish to remove Mesh. Certainly with Zone Director controlled networks you couldn't turn mesh on/off.

If it is just apple devices that are having the issue, this is probably where they are holding on to a weak wifi signal even if you are closer to another AP providing a better signal.

You can change the smart roam setting that will tell the system to release apple devices if the signal drops to a certain level. There is some info here about it but when these problems occur is always seems to be apple devices.

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any news on the 200.10 firmware? I am curious to see if the new software will fix my signal issues on R550.

Please refer below comment.

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