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Poor signal to 1/3 of devices

New Contributor II

Hi.  I’m new to Ruckus and don’t know to much.  I have 3 R550’s running Unleashed in a 3500sq foot home.  I setup Unleashed as Mesh, not sure if that was a mistake.  All 3 R550’s are hardwired to the router.  About 1/3 of my devices show a poor signal all the time.  Most are Apple devices that never seem to be connected to the closest access point.  I’m trying to determine if adding a controller would help at all.  I’m read that a controller would add Fast Roaming 802.11r that apple devices support.  Thank you for any help!



Do you have any Release Notes for the 200.10 firmware already? I want to check what is new and which hardware is supported.

Release note will be made available on the day of release.  The revised release target is Q2'21, hopefully it would be mid Q2.

New Contributor II

Thank you all for the help!  I will try to make the changes you suggested.  I will start with turning off the mesh.  Would I need to factory reset all access points in order to do that?  I am running the latest version of Unleashed.  I had my Savant smart home integrator, who uses Unleashed himself check out the configuration/settings, and all he found abnormal was the mesh being on.  I’ve noticed the low signal strength on both the Unleashed GUI and on the apple devices with poor performance.  It’s usually corrected by turning WiFi off then back on, but that’s a pain to do several times a day, and it returns when I change rooms.  Thank you so much for the help!  I really appreciate it!

I might also suggest you use only 5GHz band.  i.e. configure SSID to only use 5G rather then both radios.

At a minimum disable 1 or 2 of the 2.4GHz radios.  too much interference and overlapping coverage.

Thank you!  I’ll give that a try.  I must have some overlapping in 2.4GHz going on, but would like to keep some going for devices that don’t support 5.0.