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New AP unleashed set up advice

Contributor II

Hi all.  

A few years ago I set up a zone director with 5 R720 APs. Works a treat in my home and this is the first time I have actually had stable wifi. Im a Ruckus fan as a result.

I have a holiday home overseas that is a 4 bedroom semi detached house with very little garden. Rebuilding it right now. I am thinking that it will need 2-3 APs.  As it’s a while since I did my Ruckus AP research I am back with a few questions.

1. I intend not to use a ZD as this is a smaller scale installation. I guess this means I need the “unleashed” option, and WW for overseas rather than US in the serial number?

2. Last time around I worked out that 720 meant better than 520. Now I am very confused as there are Ruckus APs around of so many different numbers.  I usually look for a bargain by buying last year’s model (or older) in order to get a good quality AP that is not too expensive.  What I don’t know is how to compare between models - for example a 750 versus a 520.  Is there any resource that makes this clear?

3. Last time around I tried a Ruckus PoE switch, which isn’t plugnplay and caused problems. Is there yet a Ruckus plugnplay switch? Can Ruckus APs all run without PoE and with a PSU? Think the R720 can.  

Sorry for the basic questions and many thanks!!









Hi @peter_w_9h7tcet 

Nice to hear your wonderful experience with Ruckus and we are please to know you are adding another site on this list. Coming to your questions kindly find below :

1) Unleashed APs can be termed successor for ZD platform for now and a World-Wide ordering part number APs can be set for use in the intended countries, except for USA,Israel, Japan, that must buy country-code specific APs.

2) You can check below link which also provided you the option to compare :

3) You could check below for support ;

Best Regards


Hi there. Thanks this is super helpful.  I would also be interested in seeing how recent older models compare to these. For example my current R720s seem good. Where would these sit?  Thanks.

Contributor II

OK Perhaps I can ask another way.  I like my R720s.  Which current Ruckus APs are similar in performance to the R720 APs?

Contributor II

Please can someone help me out here. I want to know which of the R720 or R650 is a better AP. Both are discussed on Ruckus’s website but it’s very difficult for a non expert to tell between the two.

I solely want to chose whichever of these will have the best range and stability as an AP and am not judging on extras like Ethernet ports or Zigbee. I will use these for general internet usage plus some IP cams.

I can get both APs for a similar price.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.