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Mounting 3 T301s on light-pole for 360 coverage.

New Contributor II
Working on a project right now for a large outdoor WIFI deployment.  We will be mounting t301s units on light poles to create 360 coverage around the light poles.  I would like to mount the APs between 10-15ft high and all three at the same height around the pole.   I was told I need to keep the APs 3ft apart so should I mount the APs at 10ft - 13ft -16ft around the pole?   What is the proper mounting for t301s 360 coverage?  

Esteemed Contributor II
As high as you can on the pole, 3 feet apart, and on different channels.

New Contributor III
If you use the linkage brackets provided with the T301s, there should be enough horizontal separation between the APs, no more vertical separation needed. 
Remember to down-tilt 10-20 degrees depending on required coverage. See for details.

New Contributor II
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Pole one is complete.