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Define specific password for Guest Pass?

New Contributor II
Is it possible to define a specific password for the Guest Pass?

Traditionally, we have used as separate SSID for guest access with a password that we freely hand out to visitors. It would be nice to start using the Guest Pass feature so that we can pop up the terms/I agree page to satisfy our legal desires.We're not to the point of wanting to do individual guest passes for each visitor, but still rather use a generic password.

Can the password be specifically set for the Guest Pass, or is there a better way I can define a password and still show the "I Agree" page on our guest SSID?

What we're trying to achieve:
  • Guest access SSID
  • Show terms/I agree page when connecting
  • Use a known password/phrase as the guest password so our employees can just tell visitors the password, not have to individually register them or remember the default Guest Pass.

Ruckus Unleashed

New Contributor III
When you create a guest pass you can edit the generated one and set it to whatever you want, and then set the duration for up to 52 weeks. When a guest connects they will have to enter the passphrase and the terms will be shown.  Of course nobody will read them, like EULA.
We have ours set this way, but we limit the passphrase to 30 days.

New Contributor II
Thank you - I had been looking around several times for the option to change it, and just couldn't. Wound up re-creating a new pass, and the option for setting the pass was there once I was checked on the only create a single pass instead of multiple.