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Complete Wifi network outage - mesh problem?

New Contributor II
I had a complete wifi network outage on my site yesterday, running a ZD 3000 with v.9.8 and a mix of 7372, 7363 and a couple of R300 APs. A similar thing happened about a 9 months ago.

I believe it was the same issue but am unsure why it happened. Last year the ZD would have been running v9.6 or 7 and there would have been some old 2942 APs on the network.

Anyway, that time I had to reset the ZD to factory defaults and rebuild the configurations, everything worked as expected until I turned on Meshing, then boom! All the disconnects started to happen again.  

Yesterday, remembering the issue from before, I reset the the mesh password and rebooted the ZD - this seemed to work and all has been fine since.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before, or know of a reason for it? 


Esteemed Contributor II
I suggest opening a ticket with Tech Support, and provide your ZD3K debug file, so they can investigate your outage.